An Indian woman garners internet admiration as she completes a marathon in a saree in Manchester

You may have observed Indian women embracing sarees on numerous occasions, whether it be weddings, festivals, or even as office attire as sarees are an integral part of daily life in India. Nevertheless, one remarkable Indian lady has captured the internet's attention by participating in a marathon while wearing a saree in Manchester.

INTRODUCING MADHUSMITA- A high school teacher in Manchester, UK

Madhusmita Jena-Das has engaged in marathons and ultra-marathons around the world for numerous years. Yet, on this occasion, she opted to embrace a unique challenge: completing a 42.5-kilometer marathon while wearing a traditional Indian saree. This choice wasn't merely a personal test but also served the dual purpose of highlighting Indian culture and demonstrating the adaptability of traditional Indian clothing.

She wore a red saree adorned with intricate floral patterns, exuded an undeniable grace and allure. Crafted from lightweight fabric, it afforded her the freedom to move effortlessly, maintaining her stride throughout the marathon. The bright red color and detailed designs of her saree drew the eyes of the viewers.

Completing the marathon took Madhusmita nearly five hours, but her determination propelled her to keep going. Madhusmita derived inspiration from her upbringing in India, where her mother and grandmother regularly donned sarees, instilling in her a deep appreciation for this traditional attire. She has inspired a wider audience in addition to those who observed her accomplishment because of her unwavering drive.


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