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About MySilkLove


MySilkLove is more than just an online saree store; it's a celebration of Indian craftsmanship and tradition. With a passion for supporting local artisans and promoting the #VocalForLocal initiative, we curate a stunning collection of handcrafted sarees that reflect the rich cultural heritage of India. Our platform is home to over 2000 skilled artisans, each contributing their unique talent to create exquisite sarees that captivate hearts worldwide.

Founder and Story

At the helm of MySilkLove is Priyanka Ghule Katkar, a visionary entrepreneur with a profound understanding of e-commerce operations gained from her previous experience at logistics startup XpressBees. Supported by her husband, Mr. Vinayak Katkar, a digital marketing expert, Priyanka embarked on a mission to empower India's artisan community.

Priyanka's inspiration struck during a visit to Tamil Nadu, where she witnessed firsthand the meticulous craftsmanship behind Kanjivaram sarees. Moved by the disparity between the artisans' efforts and earnings, she envisioned a platform to bridge this gap. Thus, MySilkLove was born—a platform dedicated to providing artisans with the opportunity to showcase their talents while handling all aspects of logistics, merchandising, and delivery.

Driven by a commitment to quality and authenticity, MySilkLove has garnered the trust and admiration of customers worldwide, boasting a stellar 4.9+ rating for all products sold. We believe in constantly evolving and improving our offerings, guided by our customers' feedback and preferences.

At MySilkLove, we strive to offer more than just sarees; we aim to foster a deeper appreciation for Indian artistry and heritage while providing a seamless online shopping experience that transcends borders. Join us on our journey to discover the timeless elegance of Indian sarees, curated with love and passion at MySilkLove.

Come be a part of this mission and Happy Shopping!