Priyanka Ghule Katkar, Founder

Priyanka Ghule Katkar, had previous experience working with logistics startup XpressBees, which helped her in understanding the entire e-commerce operations. Within just one month of the launch, MySilkLove was operational with 50 weavers. Her husband, Mr. Vinayak Katkar, who runs a digital marketing company, helped her in getting the marketing function right.

During one of Priyanka's visits to Tamil Nadu, where Kanjivaram sarees are made, she was impressed with the quality and finish of the products, as well as the effort that weavers put in to create a single saree. She spoke to them and learned about their earnings, which were not proportional to the effort and skill they possessed. Weavers were spending almost 10 days making a single saree, and in return, would get a paltry sum. Observing these gaps, Priyanka decided to start a platform that could connect India's artisans. The platform would provide saree weavers with the opportunity to showcase their art while taking care of everything else from photo shoots, merchandising, picking the product, and delivering it to the end customer. The weavers could solely focus on crafting high-quality products.


Discover the world's most stunning attire - the saree, with MySilkLove!

At MySilkLove, we are passionate about supporting the local artisan community in India and promoting the #VocalForLocal initiative. With over 2000 skilled artisans on board, we design and source unique handcrafted products, including sarees, that reflect the rich cultural heritage of India. Our commitment to quality and authenticity has made us a trusted name in online saree shopping, and we cater to customers across the globe.

Our customers are our biggest advocates, and we are proud to have a 4.9 (out of 5) plus rating for all products sold till date. We believe in constantly improving our offerings, and our growing customer satisfaction ratings are a testament to this commitment. We encourage our customers to leave reviews and feedback about our products and services, as it helps us to better understand their needs and preferences. At MySilkLove, we strive to offer a seamless online shopping experience that is rooted in tradition, yet caters to the modern needs of our customers.

Come be a part of this mission and Happy Shopping!